Does Investing in Your Home Add to its Value?

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The Convergence of Hearth and Health

Women’s fitness has become a popular topic and it relates to all aspects of our lives including our homes.  A beautiful kitchen has long been a selling point in home design. In this era of increasing awareness of health, wellness, … Read the rest

Home Improvement and Taxes

So you want to do some home improvements. It seems that it should be as simple as budgeting for the costs and either doing or contracting out the work, but the reality is that there is more to consider.

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How to Clean Your Car Rims

Since we invest so much money into our cars, it is not unwarranted that we want to keep them looking clean and in good shape. Washing a car, however, consists of more than just running it through a car wash … Read the rest

Rise Of DIY Home Projects

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Best Touchpads for the Price


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Researching Wallpapers for Hot Rodders

While most web searches for hot rod pinups and wallpapers wouldn’t expect to find a careful history of art nouveau in the research, the web of history is far-reaching, and the points of connection are as fascinating as the images … Read the rest

Texting and Driving

The generational differences among people with cell phones are rather marked, as anyone with a grandmother can testify.  But some of the key behaviors associated with cell phone use are starting to shift.  Sometimes, these shifts are in directions that … Read the rest

Online Reading Effects on Culture

Ebooks and online reading is seemingly taking over our reading habits and occupying a great deal of our personal time. Other techno books and magazines are also contributing to this new era of literature. They seem to be taking over … Read the rest

Technical Problems that Require Outside Help

There is no doubt that the pace of technological change is increasing. Every generation of new products demands new interfaces and connections of every variety. OEM companies will increasingly rely on electronic manufacturing companies to design, prototype and build a … Read the rest